Hurlburt Field Fitness Center Classes

(A) = Classes held at Aderholt Fitness Center • (R) = Classes held at Riptide Fitness Center

6am (A) Spin at 6:30am (FIP) with Marketa (A) Spin (FIP) with Marketa (A) Spin at 6:30am (FIP) with Karen (A) Spin (FIP) with Marketa    
(R) Yoga with Lauren at 6:30am
8:15am         (R) Boot Camp (FIP) at 8:30am with Lisa (A) Spin (FIP) with Andi
9:30am (R) Total Body Sculpt (FIP) with Nicole (R) Total Body Sculpt (FIP) with Fitness Staff (R) Total Body Sculpt (FIP) with Cherri (R) Total Body Sculpt (FIP)with Fitness Staff (R) Yoga (9:45am) with Andi  
11:10am (R) Yoga with Cherri (R) Dance Fitness with Tori (R) Box & Sculpt (FIP) with Veronica (R) Yoga with Cherri (R) Box & Sculpt (FIP) with Veronica  
11:30am (A) Spin (FIP) with Greg (A) Spin (FIP) with Lisa

(A) Spin (FIP) with Lisa

(A) Spin (FIP) with Lisa

(A) Spin (FIP) with Lisa

12:30pm (A) Boot Camp (FIP) with Lisa          
4pm   (A) Combat Fit Fundamentals with Fitness Staff (A) Boot Camp (FIP) with Lisa (A) Combat Fit Fundamentals with Fitness Staff    
5pm (R) Step with Cherri (R) Cardio Sculpt (FIP) with Janice (R) Cardio Sculpt (FIP) with Veronica (R) Cardio Sculpt (FIP) with Janice (A) Family/Adult Kuk Sool Won* with Amado (5:30-6:30pm)  
(A) Pilates with Marketa
(A) Family/Adult Kuk Sool Won* with Amado (5:30-6:30pm) (A) Family/Adult Kuk Sool Won* with Amado (5:30-6:30pm)
6pm (R) Dance Fitness at 6:15pm with Tori (R) Zumba at 6:15pm with Shantel (R) Zumba at 6:15pm with Julie (R) Dance Fitness at 6:15pm with Tori    

Fitness Classes Description

Boot Camp — A high intensity class designed to challenge your strength and endurance. The workout moves quickly from one exercise to the next so the individual maximizes caloric burn! Adaptable to all fitness levels.

Box and Sculpt — An action-packed hour of kickboxing and sculpting fusion as you go through traditional kickbox moves and strength training exercises to keep yourself going strong! Andi will still be the instrctor.

Cardio Sculpt — This workout takes traditional strengthening exercises (squats, lunges, push-ups, etc.) and makes them more effective by adding/infusing balance, agility and flexibility to challenge the entire body, especially the core and spine.

Dance Fitness — A great workout while having fun dancing to a variety of music genres including hip-hop, salsa and top hits.

Kettlebell Training — A great tool to incorporate strength, cardio, core, and flexibility all in one workout. Class will include technique, strength sets and interval training utilizing the kettlebell and other equipment for a full body workout! No experience required and all levels welcome!

Kuk Sool Won — Provides physical fitness, well being, stress relief, self esteem, confidence, self defense skills and family fun. Cost is $65 per month per student. Ask about our family rates. Sign up at the Aderholt Fitness Center.

R.I.P.P.E.D. —A class that combines Resistance, Intervals, Power, Plyometrics, Endurance, and Diet components. Doable for all levels of fitness.

Spin — This 45 minute indoor cycling class builds strength and burns calories. Accessible to all fitness levels.

Yoga — A mind and body experience that relieves stress, tension, and increases strength, balance, and flexibility. All levels 60-70 min classes. Call 884-6884 or stop by the Aderholt Fitness Center front desk for more information.

Zumba — Latin rhythms with easy to follow moves provide a great workout.

Personal Trainers — Marketa Hutchison & Walt Mirth
1 part session – $30, 6 part sessions – $150, 12 part sessions – $275

FIP = Fitness Improvement Plan
KSW = Kuk Sool Won (Korean Martial Arts)

* Fees apply. Classes may require registration. Contact Fitness Centers for more details.

No classes held on Sunday and Federal Holidays. Please contact the fitness centers on down days for the schedule.

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For more information, contact:
Aderholt Fitness Center: 884-6884
Riptide Fitness Center: 881-5121
Commando Fitness Center: 884-4412

Current as of: 12 September 2014.
Subject to change without notice.