Honor Guard


Hurlburt Field Honor Guard Ceremonial Guardsman perform various ceremonies throughout a 20-County area responsibility covering Alabama and Florida. The primary mission of the Hurlburt Field Honor Guard is Funeral Honors. Honor Guard members are the tip of the sphere and pride themselves in being SHARP, CRISP and MOTIONLESS. Guardsman represent every member, past and present of the United States Air Force.


How to Request Services

See attached request forms. Once completed these forms can be sent to our Org Box 1SOW/HG Honor Guard. Requests are also accepted over the phone, 850-884-5330/7583 or can be done in person at HG, Building 90359


How to Join

HG request 42 members annually to become Ceremonial Guardsman. Airmen must volunteer within their respective work centers and with their leadership to be selected. HG does 3 training classes annually and will request 14 Airman for each class.